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"I was amazed at how the stress seemed to melt away after a session of hypnosis with you, leaving me feeling refreshed and totally relaxed. I have also been able to transfer the skills over into my everyday life which has helped me tremendously. I no longer find work so difficult ! Thank you Julie"

Mrs. R. L - Stress

"Hi Julie, My holiday went really well and I was very calm with all the travelling. My IBS was fine!! Even my friend commented that I seemed so much calmer, Thanks for everything"

Miss. B. J - IBS and Anxiety

"Hello Julie, Just to let you know that I'm doing really well, food doesn't play any importance anymore, I've been to my daughters this weekend, both she and my son-in-law are really happy about me being happy with myself and knowing this is working for me. It didn't play any concern when we went out for meals, I keep my golf ball handy at all times and listening to your lovely voice, keeps me together. Many thanks for everything. By the way I've now lost 25lbs in total in 10 weeks! I feel great!

Mrs. M. W- Weight Loss using the Hypnoband Weight Loss System

"I can't believe it actually worked!...I'm very grateful"  

Mr. L - Phobia

"I had been a long term heavy smoker when I went to see Julie and someone who tried many options to give up. Julie was very considerate when we met as to my personal battles with giving up and was asking quetions that got me thinking and involved in the process so that I believed before we started that this was going to work. At no stage did I feel this was anything else but a very good service that was being offered to help me rather than a treatment to cure me and I found this encouraging - in fact I believe that Julie's approach as much as the hypnosis itself was a primary factor in me giving up there and then. June 30th was the last day I smoked and the last day I ever craved a cigarette. I saw Julie for 2 sessions and the second was nothing more than a cconfirmation and consolidation of the great work done in the first session. I can honestly say that if you actually want to give up I can't recommend anyone more than Julie".

Mr J. L. - Stop smoking

"Big thanks for the hypnotherapy sessions which I came to really enjoy. Julies dulcet tones made it all very easy and accomplishable as a step by step approach to weight loss. I'd highly reccomend Julie to any friends or family members"

Ms L. C - Weight Loss

'Julie got me to smile again...a very surprised me. She has a great gift for which I am very grateful.'

Mr S. S - Relationship Issues

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