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Stop Smoking 


E-cigarettes, nicotine patches, gum, spray, and anti-smoking pills! These are some of the many methods that people use in their atttempts to stop their smoking habit. A habit which we will know is extremely harmful to health, causing cancer, heart disease and many other totally preventable illnesses and problems. So....why is it so difficult to stop smoking and to remain a non smoker?

Its simple really...none of these methods actually tackle the underlying reasons for smoking, and the powerful associations we have with cigarettes. Hypnotherapy allows you to accesss your subconscious mind and rewrite all of these associations quickly so that you can immediately become a non smoker and enjoy all of the health and financial benefits straight away.

This powerful, personalised and targeted session will help you to reprogram your mind to become a non-smoker...not an ex-smoker but a non-smoker with no desire to substitute your habit with anything else! Free from having to plan your day around having a cigarette and free from the worry of the damage smoking is doing to your health. Regain your health and take control of your future...let hypnosis make it easier for you to be a non-smoker.


Fee: £160 including all materials and a CD/MP3 recording given to support you at home. 


Support can also be obtained at

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