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Feeling Stressed?

Everybody experiences stress at some time or other...Thats life!

However, stress is such a subjective term and has become a 'catch all' used to describe anything from mild irritation to being the cause of a mental or physical breakdown.

The common causes of stress are numerous and include: big lifestyle changes, high pressured environments, constant worrying, not having enough going on in your life and having an overwhelming amount of responsibility. For some people there is a single cause of stress but for others it can be a number of small challenges that build up over time.

Symptoms of stress vary from individual to individual but can cause physical changes, such as headaches or problems sleeping, emotional and behavioural changes and affect just about every area of our lives including work and relationships.

Few people know any effective stress management techniques or how to cope with stress in its severest form but there's lots we can do to help ourselves, so if you are feeling stressed, read on and try out some of these tips ...

Stress Management

  • Take care of yourself! - Eat healthily, get enough sleep, avoid caffeine and get regular exercise too

  • Manage your time - Ensure you are well prepared for work or social events, write lists of things that need to be done, have regular breaks and take things slowly

  • Identify your triggers - Take some time to consider what the events and feelings are that trigger stress for you. Being armed with this information can help you to anticipate and manage these triggers

  • Accept the things you can't change - This isn't always easy, but accepting that there are some things happening that you probably can't do anything about will help you to focus your time and energy more productively

  • Self-Hypnosis - This is a very powerful tool which helps stress reduction. Ask for my free MP3 recording for a guided hypnosis or try the following...find a quiet room free of distraction, get comfortable, start taking deep breaths, imagine you are breathing in calmness and breathing out tension and stress, imagine a special place that makes you feel at peace and repeat a positive word or phrase to yourself, such as 'relax'

  • Seek help - From family, friends and professionals too. Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural therapy as well as Hypnotherapy can help you to get to the root cause of your stress and give you tools and techniques to manage the stress so that you are able to cope much better.

If you would like to discuss how hypnotherapy can help you manage stress, contact me for a free initial consultation on 07887 241365 or

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