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Why Don't Diets Work?

The Atkins Diet, the 5:2 diet, the ‘no carbs after 5’ diet…I’ve tried them all in the past and more besides. Sure, some of them worked and I lost the weight I wanted to lose at the time, but I was always left feeling deprived and miserable! To top it all off, the weight usually began to creep back on with time and I was back to square one.

Diets rarely work in producing lasting change. It’s a fact!

But why? Why don’t they work and what can we do in the battle of the ever expanding waistline?

Why diets fail

The reason diets do not work is that they fail to address the underlying reasons behind our eating habits and therefore long term changes are rarely made. Diets don’t just fail to uncover the root causes to our eating habits but they often leave us feeling deprived. Research (not to mention personal experience!) shows that abstinence and/or restraint from eating forbidden foods often leads us to binge eating and the end to that diet.

If dieting doesn’t work how can we lose weight?

The good news is that Hypnotherapy is very effective in helping us to lose weight and keep it off. The root causes of overeating can be addressed so that positive long term changes can take place. Hypnosis can help you to listen to your body, deal with cravings, eat in moderation and make healthy choices too.

New 'Kick Start Weight Loss' Session…

I am delighted to introduce my new ‘kick-start weight loss session’. This is a 2.5 hour, one-to-one hypnotherapy session where I share tools and techniques for successful and long lasting weight loss. During the session you will learn how to lose weight easily and naturally, how to eliminate food cravings and how to stop stress/emotional eating. The session will conclude with hypnosis and you will be given materials and a CD to support you after the session. There are no eating plans, faddy diets and no additional costs.

The cost of the session is £150 but if you book a session during the month of April then the cost will only be £130!

To Book your session or for further details contact me, Julie on 07887 241365 or email me on

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